Ta-da! The Big Cover Reveal

I clearly remember when the (now) 11 year-old would dress up in her fanciest princess dress, crystal jelly shoes, tiara and fairy wings and leap into the living room with a triumphant, “Ta-da!” She learned this theatrical entrance, of course, from her elder brother, who used to leap around, handily dispatching invisible storm troopers with his awe-inspiring light sabering maneuvers (while simultaneously terrifying his mother that he was going to break a window.)

Fast forward a few years, and our “ta-da” moments are fewer and farther between, which I think is too bad, because the whole deal with “ta-das” is that they are moments where you’re not afraid to have all eyes upon you as you leap onto the stage of your choosing and announce something wonderful. Shouldn’t we have more celebratory announcements?

Ta-da! You might say, I got out of bed this morning!


Ta-da! I made dinner for my whole family–again!

These may seem like small achievements, but if you don’t celebrate them, who will?

And so, TA-DA! Here’s the cover to my August release, Luck of the Draw!

Luck of the Draw book cover

I’m so excited to finally show it off! Isn’t it pretty? Doesn’t it look refreshing and cheerful? Don’t you just want to dive in?(Plus, I made dinner for my whole family–again! Woot!)

As adults, we tend to shy away from singing ta-da as often as we used to, and that’s a shame, because I firmly believe we all need our moments in the spotlight to shine. So don’t be shy. Share a ta-da! moment of your own below! Tell us about something you’re proud of accomplishing or just want to show off. There’s no need to feel silly. After all, you’re talking to a grown woman wearing a light-up butterfly tiara and waving a virtual book cover.  🙂


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Ta-da! The Big Cover Reveal — 36 Comments

  1. Fantastic cover, Cheri. Can’t wait to read the book. My ta-da moment so far this summer was getting laid off and now having the time to write full-time. This will be a very productive summer indeed.

    • Oh, Deb, I’m so sorry! Hopefully this will prove to be a time to regroup and refocus–and writing full-time may be the silver lining in it all. Hugs and wishing you much inspiration on the writing front!

  2. Cheri –
    What fantastic news to brighten my evening before the promised light show of thunderstorms in a few hours. I adore the cover, I think your blog is inspired, and I’m so proud to say ‘I knew her when…’ we were teenagers fantasizing about writing romance novels. Live the dream, girlfriend!

    • Thank you, Tasha! As I cleaned dog pee off my tile floor at 5:30 this morning (blech), it didn’t *feel* like I was living the dream, LOL, but then I read your post and I realized, yes. Yes, I am! But, it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun without those who knew what it means to finally get my stories out there. Thanks for the inspiration ‘way back when’ and the lovely support now! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sara! I can’t wait to share it with everyone. (Although I have posted a couple excerpts for those who’d like to check them out. 🙂 After all, who wants to wait?)

    • Thanks, Lisa! And coming from someone whose first cover was drool-worthy (and how could it not be with a title like Picture Me Naked?) I can’t WAIT for your next ta-da! LOL

  3. Congrats on the beautiful cover. I cannot wait to read the book. I am so excited for you on this wonderful ta-da! moment.
    For me, ta-da! I made it through the school year!

  4. Oh, the pressure! Does recognizing your own moment of insanity count? Because ta-da! I just realized that agreeing to a dual-themed birthday party for my twin daughters and their 14 friends was utterly, completely, well, insane. I only let them invite that many because I figured at least half of them would be on vacation, but no-ooo. They’re ALL coming. I’d better ta-da some fabulous party-game websites tout de suite!

    Bee-yoo-tee-ful cover, by the way! I love it!!

    • I bow to you, Maggie, and your awesomeness (insanity?) I think you should wear a tiara yourself today so all those princesses know who rules–the Queen! 🙂 I highly recommend a supply of hula hoops. There are LOTS of activities that can go with them (hula hooping contests, tossing items from afar to get them inside the hoops, the game where you link hands and try to pass the hoop down the line…) and they make GREAT party favors. Good luck!

  5. Ta-da indeed! This is a stunning cover, Cheri and I can’t wait to have the book in my hands (device)! Take a bow, because you earned this one….Playing pretend is wonderful for our children, but this is the ~real deal~ missy, and you made it happen one delicious word and marketing choice at a time (along with nightly dinners). Bask, baby, bask!!!

    • Thanks, Charis! Although I must admit that the nightly dinners thing has been a challenge for me. But–ta-da!–my family is fed once again! (You authors out there will appreciate this accomplishment, I’m sure.) 😉

  6. Wracking brains for ta-da moment … am juggling two boys’ conflicting summer lacroose tournaments in different parts of NE … haven’t lost a boy yet. Does that count? Plus with the help of Oxyclean, Febreze, Tide and Shout laundry cleaners (not to mention good old bleach) have dispatched them to said tournaments smelling fresh as daisies! Ta-ta-da.

  7. Congrats on your Ta-da moment, Cheri and your upcoming release. Love the cover! My Ta-da moment of the day was rearranging the living room, but I’m looking forward to one writing related later tonight!

    • I love to rearrange! It’s like redecorating, but cheaper. 🙂 I definitely think you should “ta-da” your writing related moments, because pressing “save” just doesn’t have the same flair.

  8. Being a lake person and owning a cabin on Little Squam Lake in New Hampshire, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover. Congratulations to you, Cheri! Definitely a “ta-da” moment. Wishing you many more . . .

  9. Look at you cruising along hyperlinks, Jen! 😉 (Isn’t it fun to say ta-da?) Luck of the Draw is available for pre-order through Smashwords now and will be released August 12th as ebook and print on demand. Will gladly sign your copy! (Ooh! Another Ta-da moment!)

  10. Ta-da! I followed the link to this blog. Congratulations, the cover looks great and I want to read this, please reserve my copy which I hope I can get autographed from the amazing author.

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