When you just want to get away for a while…
Oh, friend, I’ve been there. The third day of stomach flu when there are no more clean towels, dearest husband has quarantined himself at work, and the walking ill outnumber the available bathrooms. I’ve also had that friend (we’ll call her the Angel of Mercy) deliver a bag of saltines and Gatorade to the side door with a note of encouragement and a container of Lysol wipes. I adore this friend, not because she has the power to cure all ills (which would be an awesome superpower, by the way) but because she never fails to make me feel hopeful again despite what life is throwing my way. My favorite romance authors do that for me. A good laugh, a few cleansing tears, a sexy/adorable hero sprinkled in for good measure… and I’m a happy camper. I love the awkward, messy, bumbling road of two people falling in love. Because when that happily-ever-after finally comes, it reminds me that when I’m in the thick of things, when real life is maybe just a little
too real, it’s the perfect time to step back, take a deep breath, laugh a little, and find my next book boyfriend. 
      Who will be your next book boyfriend? Jim Pearson, the hot and handy hero in a toolbelt in Luck of the Draw? Carter McIntyre, the bad-boy high school crush all grown up in Stacking the Deck? Ian McIntyre, a self-made tech millionaire slinking home after failing to find true love on a reality dating show in All or Nothing? Or Jeff Dayton, the Army veteran turned small-town cop with the complicated history he can’t let go in Deal Me In? Click on any title below to discover where you’ll escape to next!

All four ‘Betting on Romance’ novels:

Luck of the Draw cover image Stacking the Deck cover imageDeal Me In

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