Deal Me In

Deal Me In  A Betting on Romance Novel ~ Book 4

Oh my goodness. This book. Grace and Jeff were refreshing and hilarious and real and fantastic. I laughed. I cried. I laughed so hard I cried…”  Amazon reviewer, Kati M.

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If only they’d been dealt an easier hand…

Grace McIntyre never planned to lose her virginity in a seedy motel to the hottie with the eagle tattoo, but she knew Jeff Dayton was The One–until a heart-wrenching goodbye proved he wasn’t. But staying behind in small town Sugar Falls, NH, doesn’t mean Grace hasn’t moved on. She’s a business owner and member of the Civic Pride committee–a responsible adult no longer given to impulsively showing all her cards.

Jeff Dayton left Sugar Falls determined to make something of his life. But after three tours of duty, this Army veteran no longer dreams of faraway places. He’s a small town cop now, keeping the lid on his past and his eccentric family so his sister can win a seat in the state senate. Jeff’s tattoos are covered, his rock-n-roll father is under wraps, and everything is aces… Except his feelings for the free-spirited Grace are anything but contained.

Grace and Jeff have managed to dance around their rocky past since Jeff returned to town. But when they’re thrown together to plan the Harvest Festival, their attraction sparks to life, igniting both old passions and burning regrets. It’s time to let go of the past and search for the strength to begin anew. Because half the fun of the game of love is winning… and the other half is deciding to play.
*** Mild sexual content; Mild language; No violence ***

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Deal Me In
Release Date: February 2016
Digital ISBN:978 0 9904815 6 0
Print ISBN: 978 0 9904815 7 7
Five Oaks Books

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