Free Book – Luck of the Draw

Welcome! I’m assuming you would like your digital swag right now, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Download the .mobi file if you have a Kindle, and the .epub file if you have basically anything else such as Nook, a Kobo Reader, an Android device, that kind of thing. If you aren’t a techie who knows how already (or have an in-house teenager to do it for you), feel free to check out the part at the bottom that says how to actually load your e-book onto your e-reader (or sideload if you really want to show off your knowledge of techie terminology)

Luck of the Draw by Cheri Allan RWA2015 (Mobi)

Luck of the Draw by Cheri Allan RWA2015 (Epub)

Luck of the Draw by Cheri Allan RWA2015 (pdf)

To sideload a .mobi file onto a Kindle: First, download and save the appropriate file somewhere on your computer that you will remember. Connect your Kindle e-reader to your computer and make sure drivers are installed. Open a window, open the Kindle Drive, and navigate to the Documents folder on the device. Now, select and drag the file you downloaded into that folder. The e-book should now appear on the home screen of your device.

For .epub files on Nook, do the same thing but drag the file to the root (internal SD-card) of the drive, or to the My Documents folder on the device. For other e-readers, please refer to either the included directions or online sources for directions on sideloading the files. For Android devices one possible means of using the files is Google Books, which has a built in upload system that will work for most types of e-book files.

If you are using a computer or a device without a dedicated method of sideloading e-books, you can download the .pdf file for the book you wish to view as most devices have a built in means of displaying a .pdf file.

Thanks and happy reading!